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Cliniify is a comprehensive cloud based dental clinic management software. With Agile, many dentists have cracked the code for thriving dental practice by introducing better patient communication and streamlining the workflow. Enjoy the seamless transition with the approach that saves time and increases efficiency. Take advantage of hassle-free scheduling, billing, booking appointments, tracking medical records, auto-generated reminders, generating custom reviews, cloud-based imaging, and more. Dental practice is a business involving patients. To let the entire system flow smoothly, The Dentist aka entrepreneur has to manage a bunch of tedious tasks. Well, the only way to avoid such time-consuming activities is –  using a Dental Clinic Management Software like Cliniify.  

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Our Dental Practice Management Software helps dentists run efficient and organized dental practice. Only the dentists can estimate the power of saved time and revenue. With Cliniify, and make a swift transition to hassle-free software that facilitates the following:

Appointments and schedulers

Appointment Management System

Patients can schedule appointments from anywhere. Manage appointments with automatic calendar syncing with dentists schedule.


Efficient Dental Supply Management

Manage and monitor dental inventory effortlessly with an automatic syncing supply management system.

dental history

Digitally Saved Medical history

The paperless approach of saving individual patients’ medical records.


Automatic Reminders for Patients

Push notifications and reminders for patients to take their medicine on time


Pre-visit Reminders

Automated email and text messages to reduce cancelled appointments from patients.

Electronic Filing of Dental Claims

Electronic Filing of Dental Claims

Easily file claims online and receive payments in no time

Two Way Communication with Patients

Two-Way Communication with Patients

Send half-yearly check-up notifications, e-prescriptions, and missed appointments. Send personalized automated messages to the patients.

Clinical E notes

Clinical E-notes

Personalized e-notes to help patients better understand treatment, prescriptions, and special medical needs

Online Reviews

Online Reviews

Automated review generation forms according to patients’ dental treatment.

Cloud based X rays

Cloud-based X-rays

The cloud-based solution for dental imaging offers dentists the capability to store, view, and optimize images for treatment planning.

Treatment plans

Treatment plans

Patients can receive customized dental plans consisting of a sequence of treatments.

E Prescription


With an EMR, you can prescribe and provide medications and in a convenient and accessible way.

Invoice Generation

Invoice Generation

Easily generate accurate billing and payment processing for treatments, prescriptions, and consultations. Patients are notified via email.

Patient Dashboard

Patient Dashboard

One individual dashboard for each patient to access all the medical records, treatments, prescription,conditions and specific allergies etc.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Easily interpreted financial and medical reports using actionable charts or table with various filter to plan and forecast trends  


Why Choose Cliniify?

Dental Clinic Management Software Designed For Dental Clinics To Overcome Today’s Business Obstacles

Agile necessarily combines multiple system into one all round software. Instead of investing in multiple software, Cliniify lets you have the benefits of all the software into price of one. Lately dentists has been finding difficult to analyse the performance and ROI of each system. Such time & resource consuming system becomes hindrance to a sustainable growth. By becoming part of Cliniify family take care of billing, scheduling, planning, sending reminders and above all – managing patient in such a way that it lets you work on what you do the best.

Streamline Tasks Of Dentist Staff

If you are running a successful dental practice, you might understand how time consuming it is to organize every tiny details of patients into an outdated file system. From appointment, prescription, notes, taking calls, greeting  patients that walk in, and doing other administrative tasks to monitoring treatment plan. Going paperless with agile lets your team creative and innovative outlook in dentistry.


Streamline Tasks Of Dentist Staff
Taking Care of Patients like Never Before

Taking Care of Patients like Never Before

Business is all about retaining a client. The most efficient way to retain a client is to never lose touch with them by providing exceptional care. Agile is able to remember all significant dates, sending personalized messages on birthdays. Or reminding them to take their medications on time. Examine medical records, historical appointments and treatment plan. They can effortlessly measure the progress they have made so far after consulting you.

Easily Customization, Training & Support

We exist to help your dental practice thrive. That means initial training, 24*7 support, and regular upgrades to keep you ahead in the game . We dont use cookie cutter approach, each dental clinic management software is a uniquely designed as per our client’s needs and scale of their dental practice. Depending on factors like size, location, etc, the trainer will create customised methods for your practise training.

Easily Customization Training Support

Ready to Transform Your Dental Practice ?

Use Cliniify to manage all aspects of your dental practice and keep up with the innovation that help you grow exponentially. Ready to take a next step? 





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We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

The Dental clinic management software also enhances communication with patients. It reminds patients about their appointment automatically at regular intervals that are custom defined. The software makes it easier for dentists to communicate with several patients at the same time through email and messages. It can also send birthday greetings to your patients. When using our dental practice management software, you will also enjoy peace of mind. You can download your data at any particular time.

Our software will also enable you to create a professional online profile and manage it easily. With such a profile, you can reach millions of people who are searching for a dentist in your area. Our software also simplifies inventory management. You will be able to create an inventory of your stocks of supplies and consumables. 

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