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Let’s face it. You know what you need but you just don’t know how to get it. Our SEO specialists hear that again and again from SEO clients who contact Xira Infotech. You’re likely here for the following reasons

  • Your website isn’t visible online.
  • Your website traffic has decreased recently and you don’t know the reason
  • You are not receiving quality leads from your target audience.
  • You have just started a new website and want to generate business.

If any of these four pain points strike a chord, you can breathe, you’ve come to an effective SEO agency india . There’s a reason why Xira Infotech has a list of satisfied clients in our portfolio. We provide solutions to hit the right target audience with a strategy that aligns with google’s changing algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization

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Increase your Search Visibility and Be Found More on Google

Keyword research

Keyword Research & Strategy

Xira Infotech, an SEO Agency, can help you rank higher for certain search terms. After briefly studying your company and target audience, Our SEO Expert will examine the keywords that your website ranks for, compile a keyword wishlist, and then conduct keyword research to create a list that is most relevant for your website and the competition.

Link Building Service india

Link Building

Want to rank higher in search results? well, rely on backlinks but not links from spammy sites. make an alliance with an SEO Agency like Xira Infotech that has connections with relevant websites and a proper team to execute high-quality links.

Technical Optimization

Technical SEO

Search engine rankings can be improved by optimising your website’s back-end. This includes improving page speed. These errors can be fixed, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. Your rankings will be even better if you abide by google’s and other search engine’s algorithms


eCommerce SEO

Your customers will appreciate a convenient, 24/7 shopping experience. This will increase client retention. To create customised brand experiences, we launch targeted SEO campaigns. We optimise your website for mobile.


Content Writing

Our team of creative writers can create SEO-optimised content for your website. This includes creating viral blog posts, optimising existing service and product pages with more information, or both.Our SEO Agency can help you with your content requirements and boost your search marketing.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Xira’s CRO service will increase your customer’s lifetime value and help you grow your online revenues. Our SEO company combines pay-per-click advertising with SEO services in order to maximise conversions. Website analysis, landing page optimization.

Local Seo company

Local SEO

Google my business reviews are trusted by 73% of consumers. Increase your company’s local SEO ranking with Google Business Profile (GMB) optimization to attract high-intent customers. We will optimize your GMB profile, manage your online reputation and grow your local customer base.


On-Page SEO

Want your company to appear more on search results? Xira’s SEO services follow the updated techniques & practices to improve your website’s authority. Our SEO Experts create On-page SEO strategies that have SEO friendly Web Content, Optimised HTML tags, Alt Images that are responsive and load quickly. we make your website fast and responsive just what google demands.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is crucial in establishing brand credibility and increasing online exposure. Partner with our SEO company and let us help you demonstrate your industry expertise. We leverage social media marketing, link building and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.

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Why Xira Infotech SEO Services Are Better Than the Rest

Why Do Our SEO Strategies Work? We Prove it Again & Again

We Have

We Have Experience

For more than 8 years, Xira has helped businesses in all industries grow their online visibility to get more revenue. We have successful customer testimonials to support How we have helped businesses increase online traffic and grow their leads. We resolve issues amicably.

Dedicated SEO Professionals

Committed SEO Professionals

Our aim is to make the technically complicated and often complicated process for optimising your search engine as simple as we can for our customers. One way to accomplish this is to give each client one contact person who can handle the project. You’ll get to get to know your Xira SEO Expert l well and they’ll become familiar with your company and will be able to understand your specific requirements.

Relationships Results

Relationships Matters to Us

We Believe in helping and growing. We’re here for every client, those are our values. We have  SEO strategists who specialise in helping businesses from start-ups, B2B to MNC to achieve exponential growth. Our search engine optimization agency believes in owning the voice of our clients and we work hard every day to prove it.

Were Always Getting Better

We're Always Learning and Improving

SEO is evolving every day because Google publishes algorithm updates in a timely manner that impact ranking factors and the quality of content. We stay updated with the latest news and trends. Our search engine optimization agency is constantly learning newly launched techniques to help our clients grow.

We Play Fair

White Hat SEO

We practise white hat SEO techniques and create relevant content from relevant sources. We also optimise landing pages with Alt image and High-Quality inbound links. White Hat SEO drives results without stuffing keywords into content and link farming.

Transparent Reporting

Our Efforts that Reflects on Reports

Our agency believes in being transparent and honest with our clients. Thus, we believe in providing in-depth reports and access to analytical tools as well. We rely on Google analytics for giving us a brief overview of website performance and client acquisition reports. We also provide search rankings of keywords you approved and a monthly SEO strategy to achieve online visibility.

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SEO Services You Can Expect From Xira infotech

As a 360-degree digital marketing agency, Xira offers a wide array of Search Engine Optimization services to help your business achieve visibility, authority, quality leads, updated techniques, such as


A custom SEO strategy that suits your niche – we use a tailor-made approach for every business as every business has its unique needs and condition to grow online and get noticed

Copywriting and Content writing that makes your visitor stay longer

Thorough keyword research and detailed competition analysis to stay ahead of your competition

PPC+ SEO approach so you can balance long term and short term objectives.

Technical and On-Page SEO – optimising HTML tags, meta titles and descriptions, well build internal linking structure etc.

Link Building Strategies-links from trusted and high authoritative websites

Content marketing on social media to stay omnipresent

Data tracking software such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to learn the latest trends, website traffic and more

Seo Service Provider in india

5 Reasons Why SEO Is a Great Investment for Your Business

Do you know Google gets more than 3.5 billion searches every day? With that kind of number, you would want to grab the opportunity of being found online by your target audience and get maximum conversions.SEO makes this possible and it works for you even when you are asleep.

Do you still believe every time people want to search for something they open their PC or Laptops? That is where Local SEO works the best. 61 percent of organic search engine visits happen to take place on mobile devices. 97% of users find local businesses online.


For staying in the race you need to fight for the top spots in the rankings. consistently doing SEO helps you establish that kind of rankings and give your business credibility. Don’t let competitors outrank you, you have to invest in SEO to be a pioneer. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about ROI. What if we tell you other than giving online visibility SEO also provides you with some quality leads that cross your ROI within a short period. According to a recent survey,50% of businesses have witnessed Higher ROI with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs


Search engine optimization is more commonly known as its acronym SEO. Optimization is the basis of all SEO practices. Once your brand’s presence (website, content and social media platforms) is optimized across the internet, you increase its online visibility. Your website will find its way to the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your online customers will find your business much quicker too.


SEO is the practice of making changes to your online presence, particularly your website, making it more attractive to search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines crawl (or scan) your website to understand what it is about. The best SEO practices make sure it is easy for search engines to understand your website. SEO increases the quantity of organic website traffic and the quality of your site visitors at no additional cost. It doesn’t include any paid media or placement and it excludes direct traffic. With a robust SEO strategy implemented on your website, Google will identify it as an authority site and point users in your site’s direction.


There are subtle differences between the various search engines. However, you can usually focus on Google in your SEO strategy, since most of your target market will make use of this leading search engine. Also, the majority of organic traffic is from Google.


It’s advisable to employ an experienced SEO agency or expert and this cost should be included in your marketing budget. The amount you should expect to pay is aligned to the scope of work needed to ensure success. A digital agency or SEO expert will charge after considering the project scope and once you have presented your predetermined expectations. The average hourly rate of employing an agency or SEO expert is approximately $150 per hour.


Yes, you can – it takes a bit of know-how and learning by trial and error, but it’s possible to implement a basic SEO strategy across your website. However, SEO is time-consuming and to do it properly you need to consider both technical SEO and on-page SEO. What’s more, you will need to keep up-to-date with the algorithms’ changes to the various search engines.


There are three factors that directly impact your SEO ranking, even if you’ve only implemented a very basic search strategy on your site. The factors to be aware of are:
Page Load Time — If your website loads too slowly your visitors will bounce and likely go to a competitor’s website. Google (and all search engines) will rank your website lower because of a slow page load time. This is something to pay close attention as we draw closer to the major update confirmed by Google. The Core Web Vitals update in March 2021 will focus on three aspects that directly — and dramatically — impact user experience on your site. Page load time features in this update and is paramount to securing your ranking or reaching the top of the SERPs.
Keyword Selection — Your keywords must be carefully chosen so your website and pages are listed under the correct search terms your ideal customer is looking for.
Content Creation — If you create quality content on your website your audience will find your site quickly, easily and will stay on your site to learn more. This increases dwell time which boosts rankings on search engines.


Blogging helps to boost your SEO strategy across your site but only if crafted with optimization in mind. Search engines are looking for the content on your website that will sufficiently answer users’ questions. So, by creating and sharing high-quality and in-depth blogs that address pertinent topics within your industry, you’re likely to be identified as an authority source of the searched topic. With on-page SEO tactics, search engines will find your blog more easily.


SEO and pay-per-click or other paid media options work together to boost your website and position your brand as an authority in your industry or niche. SEO often gives you a far better return on your investment by comparison to paid media options. That’s not to say that SEO is cheap and easy; it takes a fair amount of time and resources to get it right but it’s long-term rewards are immense and sustainable. Most times, SEO and paid advertising will work together to provide the best results.


This is entirely dependent on your goals and the search campaign tactics you employ. Most SEO experts will estimate four to six months before you begin to see results. Bear in mind this is when you begin to see the results not when you achieve your identified goals.


SEO is a multifaceted practice that requires many different actions to be taken on a website for it to be optimized for search. Many people correlate SEO with high-quality content as search algorithms have highlighted content as an important ranking factor. Algorithms are looking for content that answers the users’ search intent. If your content speaks directly to your audience, your website will be served up to users by Google. But content alone isn’t good SEO practice. You need links from authoritative external sites pointing to your site in the form of a backlink and these external sites need to have a good domain authority score.

Also, best practice entails full blown on-page optimization which means optimizing your meta content, images and tags. And then, consider the technical aspect of SEO – does your website have great architecture? How’s the User Experience (UX)? Is it easily navigable? And have you made sure to link your pages internally?

                          Xira Infotech is a full service digital marketing agency specialized in creating digital campaign solutions across the web, mobile and social media platforms that demands creativity and imaginative thinking to execute brilliant results with quality standards. We not only design and manage high quality web and mobile applications for various businesses, but also drive technologically innovative companies with the context of everyday evolving digital space.

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