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We help you in Digital marketing & SEO development.

  • Digital Strategy Creation
  • Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • Content Management Systems
  • Lead Generation & Sales Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
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About Us


Xira Infotech is one of the leading Software Development and Internet Marketing Company based in India, with clients in India as well as across the globe.

We are backed by a team of Certified Software Developers who have designed & developed many software & websites with easy to use interface. We started life as a Web Design and Development Company & now we are a full-service Software Development as well as Digital Marketing Company.

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Three Phases of
Digital Marketing

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The attract phase

The goal of the Attract Phase is to get the attention of the consumers you want to buy your products or service. The stages include Target, Attract Interest, and Collect Leads.

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The sell phase

Sell is the second phase of the Lifecycle Marketing model. This is your unique strategy that makes your product or service the obvious choice when those you’ve attracted are ready to buy. Sell Phase stages are Educate, Offer, and Close.

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The wow phase

Getting to Wow involves three key stages: Deliver and Wow, Offer More, and Referral.


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We take great pride in our customer service, aiming to provide an outstanding quality of service, value for money and consider customer’s point of view all the time.