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Protect your business with the high level of security to a greater extent using blockchain technology
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Plenty of industry leaders have  already witnessed significant business benefits that include greater transparency, enhanced security and efficiency, and reduced cost. Right from blockchain adoption to complete implementation of blockchain, we help you accelerate your goal to create a strong blockchain network.

Blockchain Development Services
Blockchain Development Agency

Its time to increase efficiency and transform processes using blockchain technology

Traditional apps depended on a central database managed by the company that created them. With the introduction of blockchain technology, a database with no central authority is now possible, offering its own self-controlled security mechanism. This transformation can be achieved through Blockchain Development services.

Its a modern distributed database that:-

  • Is available on multiple computers at the same time
  • Uses advanced algorithms to verify new databases before they get updated in the database
  • Supports protection mechanisms that prevent data from being edited or overwritten
  • Is more transparent about its states and its updates

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What are the most common applications of blockchain?


Supply chain management

Blockchain in supply chains tracks each product’s journey, ensuring transparency, preventing fraud, and verifying authenticity.


Audit & tracking

It’s used for secure and tamper-proof record-keeping, making it ideal for auditing and tracking changes to critical data.



Blockchain can enhance security by providing a robust authentication system, reducing the risk of identity theft.


Digital Asset Ownership

It’s used to verify and transfer ownership of digital assets like art, music, and other intellectual property.


Fairness and transparency

Blockchain can be applied in voting systems to ensure transparency and prevent fraud in elections.



A popular use case, enabling secure trading of unique digital items like art and collectibles.


International Payments

Blockchain simplifies and accelerates cross-border payments, making them more cost-effective and efficient.


Trade Finance

It streamlines trade processes, reducing paperwork and the risk of fraud in international trade transactions.



It enhances cybersecurity by providing secure data storage and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Blockchain’s decentralized and secure nature has made it a versatile technology, applicable in various sectors to improve transparency, security, and efficiency. It continues to evolve and find new applications as technology advances.

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Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are software linked to the Blockchain. Smart contracts guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency of many online processes.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

Every smart contract requires a review – an audit. OpenXcell team will get your smart contract codes behave the way it is intended to.

Private Blockchain

Private Blockchain

Private Blockchains are built for organizations and are operated by the organizations only.

Supply chain Blockchain

Supply chain Blockchain

Blockchain enables the creation of a transparent supply chain process with the clean dissemination of data by developing a distributed ledger for your supply chain.



Ethereum is an open software platform based on Blockchain technology that facilitates the development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps).


Buying, selling or exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. OpenXcell specializes in developing custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions.



Hyperledger is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger based on Blockchain technology that uses smart contracts.



Ethereum based applications and smart contracts are written in a language named Solidity. It is used to execute smart contracts in any Blockchain.

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