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Xira Infotech is a full-service digital marketing agency that was founded in 2014. It specialises in developing digital campaign solutions for online, mobile, and social media platforms. To achieve outstanding results with high standards of quality, the company requires originality and inventive thinking.

Our experts, who possess exceptional abilities and up-to-date understanding, bear complete accountability for our clients’ swift expansion and high levels of client contentment. We manage several projects all across the globe. Xira serves as a link between your company and the digital world, bringing the finest of technology to your enterprise.

CEO, Founder
Shamim Iqubal – Founder

In 2014, I, Shamim Iqubal, started a really cool Digital Marketing Agency with a small team and a big dream. My journey from starting out to being at the top of the digital marketing world shows how I never gave up, got creative, and always tried to do the best I could.

I believed that using the internet to promote companies could make them super successful. I led the agency by focusing on cool ideas, the latest technology, and always putting our customers first. Our commitment to getting great results is just like my aim to always do things perfectly.

The awesome team I’ve put together shares my vision and is super dedicated to making our customers really happy. Whether it’s making websites show up on Google (SEO) or using social media to promote a brand, we always make our customers really happy.

We work with all sorts of companies, from new start-ups to really big ones, which shows how well we make friends and get things done. Going from a small group to helping lots of different businesses shows that we really care about long-lasting relationships and getting awesome results.

The Leadership Team

Team Leader, Developer
Ranjan Sharma

Operation Manager

Android Developer
Nirav Panchal

Technical Consultant

Marketing Manager
Vijeta Singh

Marketing Head

Xira Digital Marketing Company Vapi

Xira Infotech is a full service digital marketing agency specialized in creating digital campaign solutions across the web, mobile and social media platforms that demands creativity and imaginative thinking to execute brilliant results with quality standards. We not only design and manage high quality web and mobile applications for various businesses, but also drive technologically innovative companies with the context of everyday evolving digital space.