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Project Overview

Alkush HRMS: Custom HR Solution for Enhanced Efficiency, Accuracy, and Employee Satisfaction

Established in 1996, Alkush Group has become a leading diversified company in India. They offer a unique combination of products and services across various sectors, including industries, hospitality, human resources, and properties. 

ALKUSH HUMAN RESOURCE is a leading provider of human resource solutions, offering expertise and services tailored to various businesses. They ensure their services align with clients’ specific needs, business culture, and management structure. By delivering competent personnel across diverse occupations, Alkush Group assists their customers in achieving their workforce goals.


Alkush Group was struggling to manage their HR operations efficiently. They had used various software solutions but were not satisfied with the lack of customization, data organization, and reporting capabilities. They needed a system to:

Centralize all HR data: Employee information, job history, leaves, payroll, and other HR-related data.

Automate routine tasks: Streamline processes like payroll calculations, leave management, and reporting.

Improve data accuracy: Eliminate manual data entry errors and ensure data consistency.

Enhance accessibility: Provide employees and HR personnel with mobile access to the system.

Our Solution

Our team developed a custom HRMS software tailored to Alkush Group’s specific needs. Alkush HRMS is a comprehensive HR solution that addresses all the client’s challenges, including:

Employee data management: Centralized storage and organization of employee profiles, job histories, documents, and organizational hierarchy.

Attendance management: Capture and manage work hours, leaves, and breaks to optimize workforce efficiency.

Payroll processing: Automate accurate salary calculations and tax deductions for seamless employee payouts.

Asset management: Track and maintain company-owned resources to ensure optimal utilization and longevity.

Recruitment management: Streamline hiring processes from job posting and applicant tracking to interviews and selection.

Performance management: Set goals, conduct evaluations, and provide feedback to enhance employee potential.

Additional Services:

Xira Infotech also provided Alkush Group with a revenue-generating model for Alkush HRMS, enabling them to potentially monetize their HR solution.


  • Reduced errors, increased trust: Accurate payouts & timely payments.
  • Improved efficiency, saved time: Automation frees HR for strategic tasks.
  • Data-driven decisions: Powerful reporting & analytics inform resource allocation.
  • Flexibility & customization: Adapts to specific needs & workflows.
  • Enhanced transparency: Clear insights into HR aspects for all.
  • Simplified user experience: Easy navigation for all employees.
  • Data protection: Secure storage of sensitive employee information.
  • Increased accessibility: Mobile access for anytime, anywhere HR tasks.


Alkush HRMS has transformed Alkush Group’s HR operations, improving efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. The custom-built solution caters to their specific needs and provides a centralized platform for managing all HR functions. With its comprehensive features, mobile accessibility, and ongoing support, Alkush HRMS empowers Alkush Group to focus on strategic initiatives and build a high-performing workforce.

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