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Say Goodbye To Overbooking, Understaffing, And Queues Of Waiting For Customers

Salon Industry is expected to grow by around USD 355.45 billion by 2029. As a Salon owner, you must leverage this opportunity by acquiring new clients, introducing new services, and expanding to new locations. Wait but are you still stuck in petty issues like overbooking, mismanagement, and queues of angry clients? Then it’s high time you invest in all-in-one online booking, scheduling, payment processing, and staff management software. Xira has developed cloud-based, end-to-end salon management software – which is trusted by the giants of the beauty and wellness industry. Are you ready to expand & grow your salon business? Check out the numerous benefit of multifunctional Salon Management Software.


What Can Our
Salon Management System Do For You?

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Booking & Scheduling for Salon Managers


Hassle-free Appointment Booking for Clients


Staff Management


Seamless Payment Integration


Generate multiple reports


Multi-feature sign-in app at salon


Why Hire an Indian Agency like Xira?

When you hire an Indian agency for your beauty salon, you can save your precious budget due to the enormous cost differences and use it to introduce new services or expand your salons to new regions.

Ultimately expanding your revenue model by 5x

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Having a decade of experience in the beauty salon industry, Xira has helped more than 10 beauty businesses to achieve their revenue goals, improved their search ranking, and attract their target audience by developing and implementing customized strategies.


Discover How We Can Help Your Business Grow!

Salient Features
of Xira’s Salon Management Software

Appointment Booking For Client

Website + App + Ipad Sign in App

  • Make your multi-featured website and Mobile App the most productive member of your team with 24/7 Appointment Booking.
  • The quicker your client chooses the Preferred Stylist, the sooner you can plan the day for your team.
  • Allow your clients to Book One Or Multiple Services in one click
  • Give the option to the clients to share their special requests, allergies, or questions in Notes Section.
  • As soon as you confirm the booking your Client Receives A Notification via Email & SMS.
  • The walk-in client can fill out the detail form in the sign-in app and confirm the Consent Form.
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Appointment Management For Salon Managers

Interactive CMS/ Admin Panel

  • Make no-shows and late arrivals of customers a thing of the past by sending automated text messages and email reminders to your clients.
  • Eliminate the chance of overbooking by giving your staff the chance to stay on time always.
  • A simple and flexible slot gap solution that set an appointment interval of 2 hours. A customer booking an appointment at 10 o’clock will automatically be provided slots after 12 o’clock.
  • Easily reschedule and notify clients with the drag-and-drop feature.

POS ( Point of sale )

multiple payment
Offer your clients multiple options for payment gateway like Paypal, stripe, or any payment processor of your choice.

Make your bulk payment transactions securely with our POS.

Receive the payment from the customers at the time of booking.

Use one unified payment system to sell memberships, retail items, gift cards, and bundles online.


Sign in App at Salon

  • Clients can fill in the relevant information like email, phone number, name, and age that goes into creating a customer profile.
  • Ability to select the service and preferred stylists.
  • Select one or multiple services in a single click.
  • Customers can add a specific note regarding allergies, concerns, or additional demand regarding the service.
  • To protect both parties’ interests, the customer will sign a custom consent form.
  • Provide seamless integration with PayPal as service payment option.
  • Customers can provide feedback after taking the service
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Staff Management

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Manage your staff seamlessly by viewing a calendar view of their schedule for the entire day.

Empower the employees to create staff profiles in the admin panel so that they can control their schedules, reschedule and cancel appointments.

Analyze staff members’ performance based on how many clients select them as their preferred stylists.

An easy-to-access calendar for each employee to monitor.


  • Analyze the top-selling services to invest more resources.
  • Find out poor performing service from weekly and monthly reports and prepare strategic solutions.
  • Generate individual staff reports and find the best performer of the month.
  • Compare month-on-month growth in services and revenue
  • Bid farewell to manual copy-pasting data, we enable you the CSV file to export or print the reports.
  • Generate customer reviews and showcase them on the website from the admin panel.
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Streamline The Most Hectic Days Into The Most Productive Ones

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Hair Salons

Managing your hair salon is easier than ever. Manage clients, and staff members, online bookings, and generate reports using our salon management software. Organize a stress-free and easy day for your entire salon.

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Beauty Salons

Did hiring a management staff solved the double booking, mismanaging, and queues of customers? Let’s put that behind you with a comprehensive salon management software that works for you  24*7 with easy booking management and a seamless payment interface.  

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Nail Salons

Whether you are a solo nail technician or a team of talented nail artists, managing clients and dates is always a headache. Leave the stress of management to our salon management software and you focus on creating new designs, and palettes and acquiring new customers.


Dermatologic Salon

From the patient’s arrival to bill payment enjoy a hassle-free client journey that enriches their experience and your review with the least amount of disruption. Run your dermatology practice efficiently with salon management software.

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