7 Leading SEO Opportunities For 2017

One of the most difficult (and aggravating!) aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the constant change. Because search engine algorithms are continually enhanced to deliver better results, techniques to get your website ranking high in the results also never stop evolving. If you ignore the shifting trends, your website could well be hit by the latest Google update and fall into the uncharted depths of search engine results beyond the first page. In short, you should never stop adapting your SEO to exploit the latest trends. Last year, we caught you up to speed with the top SEO trends going into 2016. This year introduced an influx of rich search results, new ways to think about keywords, and a highlight on user behavior. And now, we’re back again to update your optimization game plan as 2017 fast approaches. In this post, you’ll learn seven more important shifts in the SEO landscape, and the opportunities that lie within.

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