top 7 predictions for seo in 2018

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top 7 predictions for seo in 2018

Here we share most useful tips and predictions for the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) in 2018 which you should bookmark forever. This will help you to improve your SEO score and ranking will be grown up on the multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, etc. SEO Company needs to know that and keep working on these trending tricks and on other related social media accounts will manage by SEO Specialist.

List of predictions which you should keep in mind while doing SEO practice:

#1: The total number of organic clicks Google refers will drop around -5% at the end of the year

#2: Active steps will taken by Twitter and LinkedIn will both to reduce the bulk of traffic which they refer to other sites

#3: Many SEO Software service providers will close as result of increased pressure from Google with heavy competition

#4: One of the non-Google tech giants will take competitors seriously to YouTube

 #5: Facebook Audience Network which help their publishers to run FB ads on their sites and get investment more on it

#6: In nearly time, mobile apps will fade in how brands, organizations that all invest in mobile web apps, and also mobile-sites will lead in the market

#7: Wordpress will continue its dominance of other CMS, and will growing it at least 25% to 35%+ of the top most sites on the web