Why Choosing A Good Domain Name Is Important For Your Business

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Why Choosing A Good Domain Name Is Important For Your Business

In Ancient Rome, people believed names have a predictive power, which was captured in the Latin proverb nomen est omen. The idea survived through centuries and formed into what we today call nominative determinism.

The core of this belief is that people tend to shape themselves and “grow into” their given names, i.e. they naturally gravitate towards the profession and form a character that’s somewhat predestined by the name. Names create strong linguistic associations and influence how we feel in complex ways, be it in the context of our own identity or the perception of others. Modern social scientists conducted numerous studies in an attempt to unlock how exactly do names affect us and how they create notions in our semantic systems.

Having all this in mind, businesses need to utilize the power of a great name. The name is the cornerstone of brand identity and it must be well thought through so to perfectly sum up what the business is about.

And what about the domain name? It must follow, as it represents the business in the cyberspace. It is its internet identity. Choosing the perfect domain name requires a fair dose of brainstorming, but investing an effort is mandatory for future success.

Don’t Be Lazy, it Will Backfire

In most cases, your business name dictates your domain name, or the creative naming process in the starting phase of launching a business goes kind of simultaneously. Nevertheless, your domain name must support your brand’s story. Brainstorming sessions are there for a reason – to try and explore all the potential name solutions. When coming up with a name, you must test it before you definitely decide on it.

Each time you devote your time and truly focus on coming up with a name, you create dozens of connections and stir up your mental impressions. Listing fresh suggestions brings you an inch closer to the domain name that fits your business, like a hand in a glove.

Before deciding, say the name out loud. Write it down. Ask for other people’s associations and thoughts. Write down their opinions on the matter and create a list of emotions they experience when they hear the name or read it.

You cannot afford to go with the first name that pops into your mind. You have to double test it, create different variations, or even vote for the best one.

If your domain name consists of more than one word, it’s even more important to write it down. There are no spacings between the words, so ensure you don’t unintentionally end up with an awful domain name.

Great Domain Name = Great Brand Recall