Why Optimization of Google My Business Listing is Important in 2020?

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Why Optimization of Google My Business Listing is Important in 2020?

As we all know, Google is the biggest platform for businesses all around the globe. Google wants all the businesses to succeed and it also wants all customers to spend money at those businesses. These digital giants platforms are seeking our attention and so they are adding new features to make them a best-preferred marketing channel for their business.

So, we will explore a marketing section which many of them seem barely to be aware of.

Let's See How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Ask yourself, Do you have Google account?

It’s the first question one should ask self as there are chances that there are few people who don’t have Google account yet. If you sign in to Gmail or YouTube, you got one already.

Do your business listing if not done

 If you have a physical location, then you are already a Google my business listing. For cross-checking, open Google maps and try entering the combination of physical address. If your business store pops up with the red pin, then your business is already registered. All you need is you have to click on claim my business. The point of the business profile is to link your account with your business so that you can control the listing.

Create a business profile with your account.

Go to Google my business start page and begin the listing from scratch. Enlist all the true, legit information, the way it would appear in the yellow pages or tax forms. Select the business category that you are dealing with.

If you have a website, you need to enter your site URL and if you don’t have you can use Google my business site. Also, state the location where you provide your services to the customers.

Optimize your Google business profile

Add all the essential contents which includes:

  • A place and the services/ products offered
  • List of amenities, payment types accepted, hours, contact, etc.
  • Add photos
  • Add videos

It is important to upload and include photographs of your business as before making purchases or selecting a business, people want to visualize what they are getting and where they are going in order to fulfill their requirements.


User ratings

It normally happens when we visit some restaurant and when we leave and the next time when we see the phone, a pop-up box appears asking for rate this place?  This feature appeared to be from long but it’s far more established and practiced as more business anchor Google my business listing.


Another recent feature one should pay attention to is Google My business posts. It’s like a mini-blog space to use for business promotion. This place is the best to utilize for marketing where you can advertise your new product, run an offer, or any business-related news through the posting.

Book Option

Google allows you to set up a Booking Button feature which allows us to schedule appointments and reservations with customers. With this option, it now becomes easy for customer to instantly book their appointment and get their services done.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This feature allows us to easily interface with the business. Instead of searching for contact information to send a query, people can easily put their questions here. Anyone can answer the question. It’s not limited to the only business owner. So in order to be responsible, have a habit of signing into your Gmail account so that you can answer whenever required.


Final words:

Whatever new updates and the trends that are being shared, it is important to implement them with your business to gain more accessibility and loyalty among the clients. Xira Infotech, a leading Digital Marketing company is here to help you gain the advantage of such platform usage. Grab the opportunity to optimize your business on Google my business. Our experts will help you with the strategic planning and execution required to profoundly establish your business.