Web Development Trends for 2020

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Web Development Trends for 2020

Some technologies like progressive web apps, artificial intelligence, and augmented/ virtual reality are evolving in 2020. Every business requires an online portal to build credibility for their business.

There are over 1.5 billion websites and 200 million active websites and the number is expected to grow.
The new technologies and trends keep on emerging and it’s important to stay ahead of the competition to meet the business needs.


Let us explore the best trends for Web Development for 2020

  1. Progressive Web Application
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Chabot
  3. Web Assembly
  4. Single – Page Applications
  5. Push Notification
  6. Virtual / Augmented Reality
  7. Motion User Interface
  8. Browser Extension
  9.  Cyber Security


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive web apps are web apps that are fast and reliable and most importantly they work on any browser. Progressive web apps use modern web technology to deliver an app-like experience in the browser. It helps businesses increase conversions of page visits and session lengths.

Many big brands have switched from using the website to progressive web apps and have experienced a significant increase in user engagement.


The companies that have adopted PWA are as follows:

  • Flipkart
  • Uber
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Book my Show


The other benefits if using PWA Technology for website development are:

  • Improved performance
  • Fast loading times
  • Engaging user experience
  • Less data use


Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots


According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, more than 85% of customer interaction will take place without a human by 2020. AI minimizes human intelligence and enhances cognitive functions like learning, planning, data collection/ analysis, and multi-tasking automation.


Chabot is able to address customer support requirements effectively and the major advantage of using a chatbot is it provides 24/7 assistance. They are considered an efficient way to maintain a relationship with your customer base by organizing customer service enquires and order history.


Key benefits of using Chabot are as follows:

  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Improved Customer base
  • Human error reduction
  • Cost-efficient
  • Enhanced user experience


Chatbots have become conventional since 2017 and will continue to be in use as they evolve to provide a personalized touch.


Web Assembly


The earlier web applications made were built using javascript. And the problem with them was, they run relatively slow and can hence affect the website performance. Thus the World Wide Web Consortium came up with the new method- Web Assembly. It is an open standard that defines a portable binary code format for executing programs. Web Assembly compiles programming language code into byte code which runs in a browser.


Some reasons why a developer should use web assembly:

  • High performance and small file size
  • Perfect for mobile browsing
  • Supports nonbrowser embedding
  • Easily integrate the existing web platform


Single Page Applications


A single page application doesn’t need to reload page during its uses and completely works within a browser.  The best examples of single-page applications are Facebook, Google Maps, Google Drive, and Github.


One of the best advantages of using SPA is the user experience where the user enjoys the natural environment of the app without having to wait for its loading.


Push Notifications


The best way to engage with the customer with brands is just through a simple touch. Push notification used in mobile apps and websites helps to reach a wider audience while leveraging the benefits of online marketing.

They are considered as one of the most powerful solutions for visitors having the potential to transform remarketing effectively. It possesses a direct communication link between you and your customers.


The benefits of using push notifications are as follows:

  • Target a specific userbase based on age, gender, location, and purchase history
  • Educate your customers about your brand
  • Update customer and  exhibit retargeting


The companies shouldn’t overuse push notification. It should only be used to keep the customer updated regarding special discounts, events, customer-centric activities with it.


 Augmented / Virtual Reality


Virtual reality and augmented reality has been around for years. The popularity of Google Earth & Pokemon Go has shown remarkable growth and awareness of AR and VR technologies. It is expected that these technologies are going to rise with the upcoming years with many surprises waiting to show up with the increase in current quality, efficiency and productivity. The most famous examples include Alibaba’s WayRay and Nvidia’s DriveAR.


Motion User Interface

Web motion is the new visual trend in the web market. It is all about making things bounce around on the screen with some common elements like animated charts, hovers, background graphics, and exquisite headers.

Motion UI is becoming important to interface design approaches but it drives the entire UI. It differentiates a complete design and a minimalistic website, leaving behind an elegant and useful interface.


Browsing Experience

Browser extensions are plugins that extend web browser functionality in different ways by blocking ads or swapping web pages. They offer utility & novelty which are considered as key ingredients in the digital marketing world.




Cybersecurity has become a crucial part of this scientific environment. The common problems such as cyber threats, website hacking, and information theft are a terrible risk in the darkest shadow of technological advancement.  So keeping these harmful factors in mind, companies should strengthen their security system and thus protect their confidential information, servers, and database.




If you want to sustain in the market, the first thing you have to do is follow the trends as they are going to continue rising in 2020 and later, especially AI & Augmented & Virtual Reality. Stay ahead of the competition and apply the technology suitably. For Web Development Service, you can drop us your requirement, we are happy to serve you!