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In the computer world, there are various programming languages available to learn with their own specific purpose with unique keywords and syntax which are used to create instructions.


It becomes a tough choice to learn different languages in order to build a different kind of applications. All you have to do is learn just one single language. Whether you are looking for getting into front end development, back end development, mobile applications, JavaScript is the best language to learn. Before it was used as a client-side scripting language normally used to make page design interactive, but now this language is also used as server-side coding.


Java script is almost visible everywhere. Most of the websites are made using this language. Let us see the mere benefits that javascript offers.


It works well in the browser


All the programming languages demand to do some environment setup or download a compiler or some code editor. And in order to run the code, you need to learn how to operate and use it. This is not the case while using javascript. It is the default language of the internet. You can simply run the code in your browser. And web browser is available in the system to run the program. You can simply open the code in the browser and then the browser parses the code, interprets it, and runs the program.


Easy to learn


Java script is the easiest language to learn than the other programming languages. It is easy to start learning and doesn’t require you to have any previous coding experience. The language is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require you to have coding experience. Usually, it is observed that the coders struggle with the environmental set up to run the program.

Java script is a higher-level language and does not require you to deal with any complexities in your code. Learning the fundamental of javascript is easy. You can build the application or start running a small program on your own. The syntax of the program is easy to learn. The syntax is easy to understand as it resembles the English language.


Versatile Programming Language


As discussed earlier, javascript was first used only with the web, but now javascript has a wide range of usage. It can be used virtually in any field from the simplest solution to the complex one. And learning java can help you build various kinds of application in different areas of:

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop application
  • Big Data & cloud Development
  • Blockchain technology
  • Automation

Great Community Support


It doesn’t matter whether you are solving a simple java program or building a huge application. You are just one click away to find the solution on Google. You can easily get the solution or support in javascript programming on Google immediately. The size of the community really matters a lot when it comes to finding easy and quick help in programming. You can easily put up your problem to the community and they can provide you with a better solution. And being a developer, you can also contribute to the developer’s community to help others.


Great Career Opportunities


In the end, what matters is a secure and high paid job. If you want to build a good career, then javascript is the best option for you. Java developers are in high demand whether it is a startup or a big company. Learning java brings in more career opportunities from remote freelancing to a lucrative full-time position.

So, learning javascript language provides you stability in your career and it boosts your earning potential as well.