Top 8 Chrome Extensions to add in your browser for an effective SEO

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Top 8 Chrome Extensions to add in your browser for an effective SEO

As we all know, Google Chrome is the most used browser. Many of us are unable to take advantage of various extensions available to you. If you are a general digital marketer, web developer, or an SEO Expert, trust me, the extensions are sure to come into use.

First of all, you need to know what Chrome Extensions are. Google Chrome extensions are integrated software programs that users need to install to improve the browsing experience. These can be customized to create the best setup for different users and their needs. This chrome extension appears in line with the address bar on the right side of the Chrome interface.

Here we are going to see the useful chrome extensions that we can use for effective SEO work. However, few can help in everyday life as well. So, let's check out the best SEO extensions to up your browsing experience.


It is the most used extension in terms of SEO usage. This tool is powerful when it comes to individual page evaluations.  This SEO Extension allows you to check on crucial SEO Elements and provides a helpful warning for problem areas. This extension displays metadata, header, alt text, and legal issues. If you are from the SEO niche, then this extension is a must-have.


If you are an SEO or Web Developer, then you can get benefit from this extension. This extension displays a drop-down list of server response codes and associated URLs that you can copy. It helps you to be aware of every redirect and 404 errors. Without performing a full crawl of the website. This extension will help you to identify and resolve direct chains or redirect with too many hops.


This extension allows you to view archived versions of webpages. This extension provides you with valuable insights into why a page may be performing in a certain way. Once you figure out the web page's performance, it gives you a higher perspective of the site. It will guide you to thoughtfully strategize the direction that it should take to move forward.


When an SEO encounters a new website, he has to know what he is working with. This includes the first thing to check which system is being used. Wappalyzer gives you an idea of the variety of technologies that are being utilized in the site. It gives you all details right from CMs to SEO Plugins and also some modules of backend.


Check My Links extension helps you get a fast track look at the state of links across the website's pages. This extension shows valid links, redirects, invalid links, and all that make optimization much more comfortable.


When you want to examine potentially problematic links, the No Follow Referrer link is useful. It works by outlining no-follow and do-follow links to know which links are being crawled, and which may not be crawling. This extension helps you to not monitor personally into Google Search Console as it points out no index HTML tag.


The View Rendered Source extension helps you to understand how a search engine sees the content. This extension displays the source code (raw version) and the rendered source code (rendered version) and also helps to compare the difference between these two codes.


The last but not the least extension that we are going to see is the Word Counter. This extension views stats on the selected text. One can use this tool when writing or evaluating metadata to ensure that the word counts are met for that particular tag limit. One can also use it while comparing competitors to determine if the page length is a common factor among the top-ranking URLs.


For best SEO practice, don’t forget to install these chrome extensions in your browser. If you are looking for effective digital marketing services for effective business optimization online, feel free to get consultation now!