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With over social media usages and its varied user flexibility and tools available to accelerate business growth, Facebook can be a huge benefit for your business.

Though there are other social media platforms available too for advertising, people usually mislead thinking social media doesn’t drive results. Let us explore the top 10 reasons why Facebook marketing has proved to be the best social media for advertising.

Audience reach is wide

You cannot deny the fact, that Facebook is the most used social media platform across the globe. There are nearly 2.6 billion users worldwide. The audience on Facebook is not large but they are spread across various demographics.  Facebook attracts users of all generations, among the total Facebook users, 62% of users fall between 18 and 34 years. And 38% fall under 35 to 60+ years.

Business alignment for B2C & B2B

Most people think that Facebook advertising is only for B2C business. Now B2B Business can also run campaigns on Facebook. B2b space is competitive and so B2B marketers have to be aggressive when using Facebook.

Facebook remarketing is something we can consider for B2B marketing. For targeting new users, Facebook offers targeting segments such as

  • Employer name
  • Job title
  • Employment industry
  • Interest industry
  • Employee company size
  • Business traveler

Another tactic for b2b audience Facebook marketing is to create a lookalike audience with the help of an email list, website visitors, or customer base.

Setup full tunnel targeting with multiple forms of engagement

Of all the various digital platforms for effective business, Facebook is the only one that caters to the need of the audience when it comes to marketing. The ad formats, targeting options, and measurement capability fit well with any marketing strategy.

Start with the awareness stage, where you can display Facebook sponsored ads, video ads, carousel ads without being too direct with the sales.

If the user is not having an interest in the same, he will ignore it. But if they are, there are chances that they may interact with your ads to fulfill their needs. Transaction oriented marketers are going to get more benefit from a conversion campaign option. Use custom buttons that Facebook gives to enhance your ads.

Depending on your industry and objectives, Facebook provides a range of tailor buttons based on your ads with a specific call to action and your specific objective.

Audience reach is highly transparent

The Facebook audience reach is highly transparent compared to another programmatic network which offers similar audience targeting capabilities.

You can self-select audience targeting.

  • Fans: your Facebook followers
  • Friends of friends:  users who are friends of your followers
  • Behaviors or interest: a user who met your criteria which we select based on  self-reported criteria
  • Remarketing: users who have visited your website previously.
  • And with Facebook ads performance, one can monitor the campaign to make the essential decisions and to refine strategies.

Psychographic Targeting

 The targeting capabilities provided by Facebook go beyond demographics. Demographics alone is not sufficient for predicting someone’s lifestyle or purchasing needs. Facebook targeting capabilities allow us to target by a wide range of lifestyle characteristics such as interests, life events, behavior, educational qualification, or hobbies.

This factor allows targeting with better precision aligning with a digital strategy with offline tactics which ensures that the same behavioral criteria are used across your marketing mix.

Competitor Marketing

 Do you know on Facebook, you can target fans of other brands? Besides you can also target such people who have shown interest in the desired brands.

This marketing technique is based on self –reported data and may vary as it depends on the last time user has updated their settings.

By creating such a custom user audience with an interest in 20+ known brands, one can quickly add thousands of users without paying any fees for effective marketing.

Versatile Ad Formats

There is a total of 10 ad formats provided by Facebook. For different target marketing funnel stages, there are a couple of available options with images and video ads most commonly used.

One is able to accommodate some texts and visual elements providing you substantial opportunity to describe and show your business.

A sponsored post is something you might have noticed. Boosting a user-generated post on your feed helps to fuels engagement with other users.

Traffic comes directly to your site

Many of the Facebook ads options allow you to drive referral traffic to your business website. Most users open Facebook with the intent of staying there to browse useful content.

And if your ad is compelling and highly relevant, and then it will entice the user to leave Facebook and reach your website.

Performance is measurable

It is obvious that Facebook allows us to do reporting on an extensive set of metrics. Based on an ad format, many performance metrics are available.

The only thing required is to install the pixel code on your website. Facebook relies on pixels to auto-optimize campaigns.

Without pixel code, you won’t be able to sharpen the user profile index that is converting best and it will continue serving ads to the same spectrum of users throughout the entire campaign.

Always keep your audience engaged

One important benefit of using Facebook advertising is it helps you to grow your Facebook followers and fans.

Besides driving referral traffic, site engagement and conversion is key, it is important to regularly engage and maintain your Facebook audience. Lastly, posting useful content on the website keeps your presence alive and updated on the website to show some expertise.

Last words:

The social media users are increasing and the average time spent on digital platforms is good too. Why not utilize these advantages for effective business marketing.

Worry about how to get started?  We are right here. Our social media expert team will guide you to leverage the channel and drive more discoveries in this competitive world. Rebuild your brand on social media platforms with us. Call us today for a consultation!