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So, basically what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps you promote your business in organic search engine results. The process of increasing the quality and quantity for your website to increase the traffic through unpaid search results is called SEO. In digital marketing, SEO plays very important role.

Basically, there are 2 types of SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO.

There have been changes in search algorithm of Google every year. While most of its changes are very small but they can affect your search ranking. It's time to look at what SEO professionals is up-to. Now we will look at what strategies and plans are used in SEO to gain more traffic in your website and how to rule in SERPs in 2020?

Here we have listed out the trends happening in 2020.


Google’s new BERT got a lot of attention in 2019.

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) enables anyone to instruct their own question answering system. To improve the understanding of natural language, BERT is used by Google. This can be the primary major change Google has made to its search algorithm since 2014.

The impact will be one in 10 queries. SEO marketers who apply BERT models increase their chances of ranking on the primary page for featured snippets in SERPs.


High quality and optimized content always matters. High quality content can help you rank and beat your competition to first position. But you also have to consider quality over quantity. Research says that the average words used in top results are 2000 words. So, more visibility can be acquired by engaging, long-form and high quality content. And, your content should also answer queries the user have asked in search engine. Google can increase your ranking in search queries as lengthy article may indulge users, which then tells Google that user enjoy the content. 


As we know, everyone uses mobile. So, it’s important that your website should be "Mobile friendly".

The average internet users on mobile phones are 87% and transactions occur on phones are 40%. Google now moved to mobile-first indexing to improve the mobile search experience. It’s said if you haven’t optimized for mobile or voice search, you can’t get on search engine.

Content structure and representation for technical SEO also play a big role while incorporating with long-tail keywords.


Video is an always an important a part of your SEO strategy and digital marketing efforts. Video is more likely to appear on first page of SERP than a plain text on webpage. Also Google’s universal searches include 63 percent of videos. Creating a YouTube videos that support content on your website may help you rank in SERPs.

Embed videos on your website to induce more traffic. Optimizing your video to your blog’s width. Add copy on the page to assist Google understand what your video content is about.


When we say about UX, what comes first on your mind? Firstly, people or users.

The major trends going to happen in SEO professionals this year is UX. User-experience will be center stage on SEO. This includes the experience from the initial interaction within the SERPs, to the landing page experience, and even the experience after they leave your site (think remarketing, drip campaigns, personalization for returning users.

Technical SEO plays a important role in UX. So, Google does a lot of repay for sites who own bad or poor technical foundation such as canonical corrections, hreflangs corrections, etc. so it’s important for SEO to have more focus on technical SEO knowledge.


Many companies around 45% have moved to digital approach so that they can improve user or customer experience. Accordingly so 56% CEO said that improvement has led to revenue growth.

Page load speed is plays a important ranking factor in SEO. Great content means nothing if your website doesn’t load quickly otherwise you have a complex UI.

Successful businesses understands building a long-term relationship with customers helps customer experience and apparently affects search ranking because only users who have an honest user experience will spend time on your website. Focusing on user experience helps customer find the information they need.


SEO is integrated process that requires both online and offline marketing strategies and tactics to succeed. So, if you want to improve your SEO services, do contact Xira InfoTech, we provide best SEO services in India.