Impact of Social Media on Commerce, Business & Society

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Impact of Social Media on Commerce, Business & Society

With the emergence of social media, we have seen a considerable amount of change in information and communication technology. Social media has played a key role in this transformation.

This has been a prime reason behind the great upsurge in the use of Social Media. Let us have a look at the number of users that different Social Media platforms have-

Impact of Social Media on Commerce

Since the rise of social media organizations and businesses use this platform to connect with their customers and it has become really popular among them. You will hardly find any organization that doesn’t use social media to establish a connection with their users.

The impact of social media on business is no doubt huge. Organizations understand the essence of social media in building the brand and increasing the overall revenue.

Hence the impact of social media on your business can be both positive as well as negative. If you are able to develop trust among your users through social media your overall conversion rates would go high, whereas if the trust of users shook, it can be detrimental for your business and you may experience heavy loss.

Positive Impact of Social Media on the Professionals

Social media affects the recruitment and hiring sector heavily. The phase of this sector has completely changed after the emergence of social media.

LinkedIn is a really popular platform when it comes to job search. Candidates use this platform to search for various job opportunities whereas companies post their requirement on this platform and for this, you will have to create your own profile on the platform.

The Impact of Social Media on Training and Development

Companies these days look for candidates who hold skills in social media as well. If your resume speaks about your professional skills and advanced social media techniques then you become more employable.

Social media has emerged as a learning platform as well. According to various reports, the use of social media has considerably increased in recent years when it comes to using it as a learning platform.

A few precautions can help you to save your data from getting stolen on these platforms and you can reduce the privacy issues to a minimum. Use social media to educate yourself.

Impact of Social Media on Business

Social media is highly beneficial for your business, if you are not using it then you are missing out a great opportunity to increase your business. Let us understand what are the major benefits of Social media for any business:

 (i) Increasing Brand Awareness

More than half of the world is active on social media hence it becomes a right platform to target potential customers.

Companies have earned profits by promoting their business through social media marketing and you can also do that because it is the only platform that can make you reach a huge number of potential customers in no time.

 (ii) Staying in Mind

Studies have shown that most of the social media users log in to their account at least once in a day whereas a majority of people do this multiple times in a day. Hence you can use this opportunity to stay on top of their mind.

You need to make sure that users are happy after reading your contents and they are satisfied at the same time. If you are posting satisfactory contents then you will stay on the top of their mind and this can help in growing your business.

 (iii) Showing the Human Side of your Brand

Studies have reported that majority of people only trust the brand that shows a human side of their brand which means that they want to know if the brand is actually meeting the expectations in the real world or not. They want to know if the brand is keeping its promises.

Since the number of users on social media platforms is continuously increasing, you can use this platform to increase the number of your customers.

(v) Increasing Sales

You want to increase the traffic on your website and social media platform can be best used to help out this process. With the help of different types of social media posts and google ads, you can drive traffic to your website.

Hence social media platform can be best used to humanize your brand and answer all the obvious questions of users.