How PHP Has Been Evolving And Is Considered As A Top Programming Language

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How PHP Has Been Evolving And Is Considered As A Top Programming Language

PHP ( Pre-processor Hypertext)

PHP is a general-purpose programming language. It is s a server-side scripting language that is used for the development of web sites. It was developed in the year 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The framework of PHP  helps to make web development easier. The framework helps to reuse the same code which saves time. The PHP frameworks available are open source. Some of the components of PHP was written in C as well as C++ language.

PHP Language Benefits:

1. Open Source:

PHP is free of cost and open source, which helps developers to install it quickly and readily available for use. There are a lot of PHP frameworks and developers can choose any of the frameworks to work. All the features and tools will be provided to the developer for that framework easily. As it is open-source, it makes the system ready with PHP in quick time and makes the web development faster by providing the tools and other features easily.

2. Cross-Platform:

PHP is mainly supported by all platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. The PHP based developed web applications can run on all platforms. Php can be easily integrated with various other technologies and databases like MySQL and Apache and there is no requirement of re-development. It helps in saving a lot of effort, time and cost.

3. Simple and Easy to use:

This advantage of PHP is it is simple, easy to learn and code. The code is well organized and clean which helps new developers to easily learn and understand the language. Anybody can learn PHP if they know any programming language. The commands used in PHP are very understanding as the name of the command says itself what it performs.

4. Easily connected with Database:

PHP gets easily connected with the database. The built-in module which PHP  has is used to connect to the database easily and makes the connection secure with the database. The database connection of PHP solves the problem. We can integrate multiple databases with the help of PHP.

5. Fast:

PHP is the fastest Programming language as compared to other programming languages. PHP applications require slow Internet and data speed. Other applications take a lot of time to connect the database and to fetch the data after executing certain queries to the database. PHP doesn’t face this problem and it loads the website very easily and fast. The fast speed of PHP provides the developer with an edge to develop web applications in PHP programming language.

6. Easy to maintain:

Web application development becomes easier to create and maintain using a PHP framework. The MVC (model view control) architecture in the PHP framework helps the code to be easily maintained and used. The MVC architecture helps the separation of a file for different modules separately.

7. Provides Support:

PHP has a great advantage of great online support and community, which helps the new developers to help in writing the code and developing web applications. The documentation which is provided at the official site of python helps in using the different features of PHP and its framework. The latest updates are released timely by the PHP to make it better for the developer to develop web-based applications.

8. Better Testing:

The web applications made in PHP can be easily tested. PHP unit uses to perform the unit testing quickly and easily. It also helps the programmers to write test cases and perform the testing smoothly. For PHP based web applications, the developers do not need to write the additional code. PHP frameworks help in automating the different tasks.

9. Security:

PHP frameworks built-in feature and tools make it easier to protect the web applications from the outer attacks and security threats. The security threats can be like SQL injection, data tampering, and forgery, etc. To protect from these security threats, developers used PHP frameworks for developing web applications.

10. Stability:

PHP is also stable as compared to other programming languages. It has been existing for a long time. The developers have worked on PHP to make it easy for the programmers to work on developing the PHP web-based applications. They have fixed the issues and bugs over the period of time for the different versions of PHP and have made it very stable.