How Chatbot Improves Customer's Experience?

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How Chatbot Improves Customer's Experience?

What a customer takes home from a brand is the experience it provides. The customer experience is a game-changer for brands. 81% of companies expect to compete for the basis of the customer experience. So, what is one thing that you can add in branding to game up?

The answer is a chatbot.

There are lots of trends you can follow to improvise customer experience strategy. We will discuss here, What is a chatbot and why you should use one?

By definition, a chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or chat) with a user.

Why Should You Use One?

With technology improving by the day, traditional methods of engaging customers are also advancing. Industries like banking, entertainment, healthcare, news, fashion and more have adopted chatbots. Going by research, 85% of all customer interactions will be conducted without humans by 2020. Everyone is headed towards using chatbots as the mode of communication. A chatbot is one of the key differentiators for brands that provide good customer experience versus the rest.

Here’s How Your Brand Can Improve Customer Experience With Chatbots:

1. Play Assistant to support agents

Nearly 80% of American consumers feel that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the most important elements of positive customer experience. Using chatbots, customers no longer have to :-

  • Sit through an automated telephony system to get help with basic questions
  • Converse through back and forth emails

Pro tip: There are complex questions that a chatbot cannot answer. In such instances, allow for a graceful failover to a support agent.

2. Lend a helping hand to reach milestones.

Customer experience comes down to enhancing the interaction at the various touchpoints in a customer’s journey. Given that most interactions today occur in a digital environment, assisting customers throughout the journey and at all digital touchpoints is important. Here are two touch points where chatbots have the most impact:

Sometimes when a customer is exploring your website or product, they might face some issues. To assist them in such instances, set triggers like rage-clicking, for your chatbot to pop up and reach out to the customer.

3. Collect Feedback and Customer Details

Collecting feedback is an integral task for any business. To assess how your customers feel about the product/service and the support, data is of utmost importance. Almost every customer conversation can be used as a chance to deliver a better experience.

The go-to method of collecting feedback is using surveys. However, replacing forms with chatbots is a reasonable move. Emails sent to customers containing a feedback survey or questionnaire are often ignored. Customers value their time and besides, the cognitive load involved navigating from their inbox and recollecting the experience is high.

4. Monitor Social Media 

Having a good social media image is important for organizations because it’s where all the eyeballs are these days. Customers often use social media to grab a company’s attention. Of late, chatbots have entered the social space too. Chatbots employed on social media are called Social Chatbots. They (Facebook and Twitter chatbots) automatically generate messages and assist in marketing activities.

Facebook Chatbots

Apart from providing fast resolutions and round-the-clock support, the chatbot can also help other activities like hosting and handling e-commerce, sending timely and personalized messages to customers based on their past interactions and more. It’s a great practice to use Chatbot on the website to improve customer experience.