Effective Digital Transformation Plan During Crisis

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Effective Digital Transformation Plan During Crisis

As we all know digital marketing or internet marketing involves the use of online channels for meeting business goals be it an acquisition or retention. It also includes digital technology and the use of data to target right audience more precisely.


It is important to have a digital marketing plan to compete more effectively with digital marketing. Digital Transformation plan involves the long-term roadmaps creations to implement new technologies and the new ways of working. A digital transformation strategy is a channel strategy.  Digital Strategy needs to:

1. Understanding Of The Channel:

You should choose a channel based on customer online behavior and preferences. It is important to understand which intermediary sites are letting customers purchase and leading to digital growth.

2. Set Goals For Future Channel Contribution

It is important to have a track on direct sales (Online) and indirect sales (Offline).

3. Identify Your Target Audience

Whether it is a traditional marketing or digital marketing, identifying the target audience is a persona key. Digital marketing helps you to micro-target your audience.

4. Encouraging Channel Usage

One must convey the benefits of using a digital platform for enhancing your brand and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy.

5. Supporting Integration Between Channels

It is important to emphasize on the different digital platform to make customer journey seamless integrated.

6. Review And Analyze Your Competitor

Understand how competitors are using the channel by knowing their targeting pattern and where do they excel.

7. Hunt For Channel Partners

Search for the key players and influencers in the value chain of the digital ecosystem and form strategic partnerships.


Selecting the best digital media platform to fulfill the organizational goals and retention is the largest factor in the success of a digital marketing strategy. There is a variety of channels that falls under digital marketing which includes



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