Beginners Guide: PPC Strategy to Boost your Sales

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Beginners Guide: PPC Strategy to Boost your Sales

A certain online business goal can be achieved by implementing a successful PPC campaign. The first step which involves creating a successful PPC campaign is beginning with strategic planning. Let us understand the types of goals and the essential steps required to accomplish goals in terms of paid marketing.


As stated earlier, planning strategy is the first step for a successful PPC Campaign. When you design a paid social media program, one has to consider the type of goal that an organization wishes to accomplish.

The most common PPC Goals includes are:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Product & Brand Consideration

  • Leads

  • Sales

  • Retargeting sales

The basic sales funnel includes three stages: -

---Awareness Stage--------Consideration Stage--------Decision Stage---


As an advertiser, it is important to examine the sales funnel for your business and customize paid media programs effectively. All the business sectors have different funnel sizes based on the company's goals and objectives.

 Let's take an example, B2B business will have a longer sales cycle as it involves researching business solutions first and then the decision has to be made.

For, E-commerce, the goal can be an immediate purchase that demands just a click away from purchasing the product.


1. Brand Awareness


The first stage of marketing any product or service comprises brand awareness. It helps to raise the visibility of a brand or product. This stage involves working on maximizing the exposure to a highly relevant audience, with clicks that will help us in the consideration phase.

PPC ads are more effective if the targeting is on the topic by using keywords, placement areas, or a combination of these. General keyword-based targeting is considered to be useful when it comes to branding.


2. Product & Brand Consideration


When the users consider buying a product and then research it, it's the best time to introduce a brand by detailed targeting and persuading CTA in the ad copy. When a user enters into the decision-making phase and plans to buy the product, he will search queries that will be more detailed and specific.


During such times, using remarketing techniques with banners and responsive ads is likely to bring customers to the previous products back. Another form of targeting one can try is the in-market list in which users' online behavior is studied and their online actions indicate that they are in the market to buy.


3. Leads

Another PPC strategy you can follow to boost your sales is generating online leads. This PPC strategy can be used when your business doesn't support online sales and that you want to collect leads to follow up with the interested customers and engage with them for selling products. This factor depends on the C-T-A that you need to choose:

  • Request a demo

  • Get consultation today

  • Try free for 7 days

The above-mentioned factors can entice users to fill out an online form so as to start the journey of consideration. Lead conversion will vary for various businesses.


4. Sales

When the consumer reaches the purchase stage, they use search queries that indicate higher intent. That intent includes things like:

  • Model number

  • Shipping Information

  • Discounts

  • Coupons


Design different campaigns for the consideration phase by highlighting offers, guarantees, and warranty information. By mentioning all the details, you can assure consumers to buy your product. Use your ad extension and ad copy effectively. Also, set up remarketing campaigns so that you don't need to target customers after the purchase.

5. Retargeting Sales

Usually, there occurs a situation where the product or service needs replacement, maintenance, upgrades or product cross-sells or up-sells, during such time PPC serves to be an excellent way to generate repeat sales. For such cases, you need to design a repeat sales approach, which includes asking certain questions such as:

  • What is the lifespan of the product?

  • Is there any new model coming out beneficial for a business?

  • Do customers buy multiple things?

  • What is your core strength? Brand loyalty? Fast Shipping? Unique Features?

PPC can help you with effective remarketing and custom match to engage previous customers with messaging that will inspire them to purchase from you again. Also, coupons and discounts play a major role in re-marketing.


Wrapping Up

All you need is a solid PPC strategy that comprises various goals which allow the user to undergo a marketing process right from awareness to consideration. And before jumping into PPC execution, ensure that all bases such as goals, keyword themes, key messaging, and landing pages are well organized and optimized. Once the campaign is launched, monitor and review the results. Meanwhile, also monitor campaign performance to take strategic decisions for an organization. Looking for PPC solutions for your business to drive quality traffic, get it done through effective PPC planning from us. Consult us today to get started.