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Having an online presence is a crucial part to show your business presence in 2020. The website is a clear representation of your brand that you are dealing with. With the launching of a new website online, certain SEO factors have to be considered to keep in mind for wider audience reach. SEO helps our website to rank higher on the result page of search engines like Google & Bing. Make your business website SEO friendly before going online.


Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

Domain name plays a major role in the search engine. The name of the domain should align with the products or services that you are dealing with. The domain name should be short, simple, and memorable. It also plays an important role in ranking factors. Search engine crawlers look at the domain name to understand what a webpage is all about. The domain name should also have a keyword in it to rank in major search engines.

Manage Your Site Structure and Architecture

Search engine bots crawl the website and index all the webpages. And when the website is indexed, it allows it to gather information needed to classify and rank each page according to its content. Before you make a website, draw the initial sketch of it, define its structure by listing out essential pages that you will require to represent your business.  Start collecting the granular details of your business and its services. In this way, you can plan out your site structure and architecture so that you can organize your content and determine how to interlink pages.

Decide Where You Want to Get Your Website Build From?

Once the overall site structure is built, it’s time to decide the budget to make your website. Once your website structure and other essential planning are done, you can surf and find out the agency, who will design your site. Also, decide whether your business requires a content management system or a static website with a contact form. You should be clear with what type of website and conversion factors you are looking for.

Organize and Manage Your Content before Getting Online

Prioritize your landing pages and design the content accordingly by considering the SEO norms. Make sure you create your content by doing some initial keyword analysis and research based on your business. This practice will help you to rank well in the search engines. Besides, planning your content in advance is a good go. You can maintain your work and track its performance once the website is live.

Design On-Site and Off-Site SEO Activities

For a new website, SEO comes with a lot of packages. You have to focus on it more than creating great content. Every page of the website should undergo on-page and off-page activities. On-page activities on web pages mainly include keyword analysis, feeding them in the content, writing appropriate title tags and description,s and optimizing images for analytics. Another factor in on-page activities includes incorporating outbound links to larger authority sites, developing a thoughtful internal linking strategy, and adding up social media sharing links on pages.

Have Some Knowledge about Google Analytics before Website Goes Live

Before your website gets launched, make sure you educate yourself about the analytics tool for accessing your website's SEO success. Google Analytics is what you need to start.

Once your account is set, you can get valuable insights about audience, behavior, and conversions. You can get almost all the user-centric data like geographical area, time spends on different pages, the bounce rate of visitors, and many more.

Stay Updated About the SEO Trends

SEO requires a lot of attention. SEO is not one time work, it is continuous work. You have to do SEO audits after a certain interval of time so that you can identify problems and make necessary improvements. Updating yourself about the SEO trends will help you to improve your website and improve its performance.


SEO is a vast and complicated field. When you start doing SEO for a new website, it can be scary in the beginning. But you don’t have to be an expert to implement the strategies mentioned above. A basic understanding of SEO will help you to understand things better for ranking higher and getting your business a good reach. If you are looking for an effective SEO Company to start your online journey of generating qualitative leads through a website, don’t wait, Contact Xira Infotech. It is the best SEO company located in Vapi, helping clients achieve milestones in the business. Call us today for SEO Consultation.

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